Home Ownership Success

Most Americans achieve a majority of their wealth via the equity in their home.

Imagine having your home paid off by the time you retire! Even if you sell and purchase a new home,
you are able to carry your equity with you and continue see it grow.

By using a little financial discipline this is easily achievable.

One you are qualified and have achieved credit and mortgage success, you’ll be ready to buy your new home and start
your journey towards homeownership.

There is a old saying…
“If you use something once in a while… Rent it, if you use something all the time… Buy it!

The fact is … renters pay for a house over the years. Simple adjust these rental figure for your area.

Example: $1,000 a month in rent with a small 2% rate increase annually, results in the following: In 5 years: In 15 Years: in 30 Years: